Samira Sissala

Property Manager

Samira Sissala , Property Manager
As a part time property manager and am truly enjoying my role. I love the fact that no two days are the same and I've learnt a great deal in such a short space if time. The environment here is something I have never experienced before; everyone is always cheerful, full of energy and available to offer their full support to one another in a way that gives the team great cohesion.

In my spare time you would most likely find me at the gym. I am one of those sad individuals that love everything about fitness and will attend fitness events and shows across the country. In complete contradiction to that, I also love baking! This is an interest I have had since I was a child. If I can whip up a few yummy cup cakes in a short space of time then I will.

Apart from that I have an amazing family and friends. Whether getting together for a meal or going travelling, there is no greater joy than the time I spend with them.

Branch: Property Management

Tel: 020 8222 6054