Kyle Forrester

Head of Property Management

Kyle Forrester, Head of Property Management

Having entered the industry as a property manager in 2008 I joined Jorgensen Turner in 2014 where I have continued to develop in this role, taking care of an extensive number of properties across North West and West London. Always interested in learning something new, I have found property management and the challenge of this role to be highly satisfying. Whether it be keeping up with the latest legislation, overseeing a refurbishment project or getting on top of an infestation of persistent London mice, I wear many different hats - regularly before lunch!

Over the past decade I have witnessed extensive change to the lettings industry. More people than ever are renting, and with it expectations have shifted. Effective property management has become a major consideration for many perspective tenants, and I am motivated to ensure I deliver the best service possible to our clients in this highly competitive market.

In my personal time I’m a big fan of the cinema, cycling and wondering when my cats will come home!

Branch: Property Management

Tel: 020 8222 6068