Jamie Short

Assistant Lettings Manager

Jamie  Short, Assistant Lettings Manager
Since a young age I have gained an appreciation for architecture and design that has been driven from my passion for property. Being a lettings negotiator allows me to exercise my love of property and gain more knowledge on the industry. JorgensenTurner have created an exciting environment in which I am learning every day as well as meeting new people. I would describe myself as resilient and hardworking. These attributes allow me to deliver to a high standard and keep motivated whilst helping people find their desired homes. Furthermore, my degree in business and finance has helped develop me into a working professional that understands the underpinnings of what makes a successful business.
I am a big Chelsea fan and therefore have become used to success unlike those Arsenal fans. Watching Chelsea play brings me great joy, even when they lose, and I intend to watch many games at Stamford Bridge over the coming years. In addition, I have always loved tennis and would like to start playing again although I feel I might be a bit rusty.

Branch: Queens Park Office Lettings

Tel: 020 7604 4040

Email: jamies@jorgensenturner.com

Spoken Languages: English