Benjamin Jempeji

Lettings Negotiator

Benjamin  Jempeji, Lettings Negotiator
Equipped with limitless drive and ambition, I left the University of York with a degree in Business Management, but no clear idea of what to channel my energy into. However, from my brief stint as an event promoter at university, I did discover a latent ability to build trust and rapport in moments, leading to success in sales and the formation of genuine relationships.

Using that as a guidepost, I eventually found myself working as a Lettings Negotiator, finding immense satisfaction in matching tenants to properties, handling objections, negotiating deals to completion and of course, cruising through London in my i10.

Outside of the office you can find me zipping through open-waters on a Jet-ski, head-in-hands after an Arsenal fixture or peacefully studying the London property market

Branch: Queens Park Office Lettings

Tel: 020 7604 4040