Shannon Kearns

Lettings Negotiator

Shannon Kearns, Lettings Negotiator
Having a family background in property and construction, I decided to study a subject I felt passionate about at University rather than go into any of the family businesses; I graduated from The University of Essex in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in History. After graduating, I was unsure what to do next. Having worked in customer service and hospitality for 7 years, I have always engaged with people very confidently. When the opportunity to become a lettings agent arose, I jumped at it and have been incredibly happy since.

I am originally from East London, however, from a young age, I have moved very frequently. Some places I have lived in include the USA, Ireland, Cornwall, and all over North London. Working in West London has been a change for me but I am excited to explore the area and settle in at Jorgersen Turner.

When I am not at work or driving from A to B I do like time to myself. My favourite past times would be city breaks, museums, country walks and a good book, particularly McEwan.

Branch: Queens Park Office Lettings

Tel: 020 7604 4040